10 Advantages of Using Python for Web Development in 2021

According to TIOBE's Index, Python is the world's third most popular programming language. Some of the top companies like Instagram, Spotify, Dropbox & Discus use Python as their primary language for technology stacks. And the reason for its popularity is its significance on efficiency and readability. Some advantages of doing web development with Python are mention below.

Top 10 Advantages of Doing Web Development With Python

1. Ease of Learning

Python is one of the easiest programming languages to learn. Even the people who don't know will understand its basic meaning.


2. Efficiency

Efficiency is the reason why most companies get attracted to it. It allows you to efficiently handle the growing numbers of users without any lags.


3. Numerous Libraries

Python has a vast number of libraries that enable the user to get their work completed within the shortage period of time possible. Moreover, it keeps on updating with new libraries.


4. Huge Community

Statistics show that Python is having the most leading community. So if you're facing some issue there is a high chance that there is already a solution.


5. Few Lines, More Execution

Python's one line of code is equal to Java's six lines of code.


6. Open Source

Python is an open-source program that was built by the contribution of thousands of programmers all over the world.


7. Launchpad for Newbies

As it's the easiest language to learn, it works as a launchpad for newbies who are entering the programming world.


8. Flexibility

Python is not driven by specific APIs. It is integrated in different programming languages which makes Python flexible to use.


9. Ease in Prototyping

Python has proven to be the easiest language for creating Prototypes.


10. SEO Friendly

Python's framework makes the use of human-readable website URLs which is useful from the search engine's point of view.